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trivial negative
- Fighting with Igneous (ch11-pg96)
Mally's spring uniform game; day 311. strawberry tart; 3 uses.

Here until page 25!

- Nana joined their group
- Igneous is kind of a dick
- The first time he's remembered someone identifying him as Kim-un-kur!
- Being told to be more careful with his +Anima!

trivial positive
- Meeting Rose (ch8)
Lancelot's guilt game; day 312. leaf with three berries; 3 uses.

Here until the end of the chapter!

- Blood is yummy.
- Using his book
- First time meeting Igneous
- Likes other +Anima!
- It's a-okay to take other people's stuff as mementos they won't mind.
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- +Anima
Hades's plant game; day 306. chocolate ball.

Senri can now transform his right arm into a big weird bear arm! Additionally, anyone who can sense spirits/souls will be able to tell that Senri now possesses another spirit, which should ping as that of a bear.

ADDED FOR SKILLSWAP GAME: Mods okay'd that whoever gets Senri's skill can either inherit his +Anima (see above) or an +Anima of a different animal! SO +Anima is basically the ability to manifest certain features of a certain animal at will. The actual mechanic is that a person acquires an animal's spirit that attaches itself to their own! This is not an invasive process-- most characters don't seem to have too much awareness of the other spirit within themselves, so if anything it might just feel like another source of inner strength. The change is 100% voluntary, so characters can activate and deactivate their +Anima at will! People with +Anima also get a sweet tattoo that sort of symbolizes the form that their +Anima takes, usually in proximity of whatever part of their body changes. (Senri's tattoo, for example!)

Examples of +Anima: cat/tiger +Anima (tattoo; semi-nudity warning), bird +Anima, bison +Anima; semi-nudity warning (HOT SPRINGS CHAPTER), wolf +Anima, goose +Anima, crow +Anima (tattoo seen on his shoulder in the previous link), fish +Anima (tattoo is the black gill marks on his neck), bat +Anima (tattoo; semi-nudity warning), deer +Anima... Basically as you can see, +Anima are still recognizably human and their faces are rarely effected other than aesthetic changes, but other than that THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. Some +Anima also have additional skills tied to their animal bodies-- the fish +Anima can breathe underwater, for example, and the bat +Anima has good hearing and can echolocate/stun people with a sonic screech.
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trivial neutral
- The race for Husky's pearls (ch3 pg118-ch4)
The Mad Hatter's taboo game; day 303. headband that shows word from memory; guess word to use.

Here to the end of the next chapter! This memory will introduce Senri to Cooro, Husky and Nana, and also some of his thoughts about being an +Anima-- he doesn't use his here, but he'll understand that he was also a target of Deli yelling about hating +Anima.
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significant positive
- Being given his notebook (ch38 pg181-182)

This page and the next! Crystala giving tiny Senri a notebook and telling him that when he wants to remember something, he should put a memento inside to remind himself of it.
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Name Senri
Age 15, but is often mistaken for 17+
Team Jasper

Height/Build 174cm / 5'7'' in height! Build!
Hair Color/Eye Color both silver/gray!
Notable Traits OH BOY

Underneath his eyepatch, his left eye is scarred and neatly sewn shut. As seen above, he has scarred clawmarks over the left side of his torso. When his +Anima is unactivated, he has a large tattoo stretching from the back of his right hand up to his upper arm. When his +Anima IS activated, he has a gigantic friggin' bear arm, also as seen above. Much less notably, both of his ears are pierced, though he doesn't have any earrings at the moment!

Body Language Senri's body language is very reserved! Most people upon meeting him feel like he's unfriendly and stoic-- he's often either not responsive or under-responsive to other people, and his non-verbal cues tend to be fairly muted. However, he does become more expressive as he gets to know someone.

Other People with applicable skills may be able to sense that he possesses another spirit/soul, which is that of a bear, as well as fragments of the spirit of ANOTHER bear-- this one very angry and very very hungry. People with less refined skills may just be able to tell that he pings very animalistically! Telepaths may be able to note that he has attention and memory issues-- namely, significant difficulty in forming and retaining memories-- and thinks in very sparse, simple terms. (...People that are not telepaths will... also be able to note that he has memory and attention issues, but that will at least take talking to him first...)
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